2020 Focus Areas

We still have to finalize some of our event hosts (who lead these discussions), so we know that we'll have a couple more sessions added to the list. But here is what we have confirmed already.

Lead Generation

We'll look at systems and processes for building a lead generation engine - and talk about what works and what doesn't.


An effective positioning strategy considers your strengths and weaknesses, the needs of your customers/market & the position of competitors.

Marketing Automation

Which tools are best? In which circumstances? What should you know and what mistakes can you skip? We'll talk about all of it.


Whether you're negotiating a new hire, a vendor or partner contract, or dealing directly with customers, we'll look at some best practices.


It's been a few years since we talked about proposals and we're putting it back on the agenda.

Building MVPs

What does it look like to start from scratch? To build something from nothing? We'll chat with someone who knows.


Is it ever a good idea? When does it work? What do you have to think about or know before doing it right? We'll cover it all.

Copywriting for Conversions

Writing is a skill. Driving people to make a decision is a skill. Writing copy to drive conversions? That's the ultimate.

Customer Service Cultures

If you had to do it all again, what would it look like to build a culture that delivers incredible support to your customers?

Product Strategy

How do you know what to build next? How do you navigate between all the different ideas that a team may have? We'll chat.