The best business conference in Cabo San Lucas

Everything you need to know

Arrival & Departure Dates:

You are invited to arrive on October 16th and to depart on the 20th.

If you want to arrive sooner or leave later, you’ll need to make your own accommodations, and they’ll be in the hotel component of the resort, not the members area where you’ll be staying as part of the conference.

There are no exceptions to this rule. If you plan to arrive earlier, please let me know so I don’t arrange transport for you from the airport.


When you arrive, you will need to tell Customs where you’re going.

Here is the address:

Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos
Km 10.3, Carr. Transpeninsular
Cabo del Sol, 23410
Los Cabos, B.C.S., Mexico

Getting to the Resort:

After getting thru customs, you’ll navigate one or two rooms that are for timeshares.
Walk thru them. Talk to no one.

You’ll know you’re in the right place to find TransCabo when you can see the sunlight. You must exit the building.

TransCabo will have your name and get you into a van to bring you to the resort.

The All-Inclusive Nature of the Resort:

When you check in, you’ll check into your unit and will be asked to leave a credit card for incidentals. This is in case you choose to purchase something that isn’t part of the all-inclusive nature of the resort.

All your food and drinks, along with your stay are included.

But on some menus in some restaurants, some foods have an extra fee. If you choose those, please let them know you want to be billed to your room.

If you desire some spa services, those are also not included in the conference and should be billed to your own room.

The wristband you receive when you arrive will ensure that all the rest – all the food, room service, and bar drinks are all covered for your duration of the conference.

Your Safety while in Cabo:

It is important to note that we’re not actually staying in Cabo San Lucas. The resort is in Cabo Del Sol. It’s several miles away from Cabo San Lucas. Further, the resort is in a private and secure zone with armed guards and requires named entry for anyone to enter Cabo Del Sol. So we’re very safe on the property.

This year, with various reports of issues happening in Downtown Cabo San Lucas, we’re opting to stay on the property. Alumni may recall going into town for food, touring the bars, and a pirate ship. This year we’ll stay on the resort grounds to ensure that everyone is 100% safe all the time.

That said, the sun is bright, so you’re responsible for your own suntan lotion application – which we will take breaks for between morning sessions. There are also many stairs and steps, so we recommend that you walk with someone if you’ve enjoyed more alcoholic beverages than normal.

And lastly, the ocean has an undercurrent which challenges even great swimmers during the daytime. If you decide to enter the ocean, during the daytime or night, the liability rests directly on you.

Introductions this Year:

With a large group like last year, it’s virtually impossible to do introductions correctly in person, in a way that everyone can hear. So we’ll be doing introductions before people arrive. We’ll do this via a Slack Group.

Once you join, jump into the Introductions channel and introduce yourself.

Here is the link you need to join.