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The CaboPress 2017 Staff

These are my friends. They've been personally invited by me to help share their insights with our CaboPress attendees. More importantly, they're each experts in their own right.


VP, Liquid Web

Chris Lema

The creator of CaboPress, Chris runs product for the folks at Liquid Web. He's spent the last six years helping the WordPress ecosystem grow.


Founder, Bourn Creative

Jennifer Bourn

Jennifer's agency helps companies with design, branding & WordPress. Her latest course on agency automation is already a smash hit.  



Tony Perez

Along with two others, Tony helped found and then spent the next several years growing it - rapidly. He recently sold it to GoDaddy.


Founder, iThemes

Cory Miller

One of the original entrepreneurs that brought commercialization to the WordPress ecosystem, Cory never stops trying new things as he runs iThemes.

PhD, ZenFounder

Sherry Walling

Sherry is a founder whisperer who has worked with entrepreneurs of every kind. Thru her acclaimed podcast, Zen Founder, she has developed a fantastic and raving audience.


Founder, AwesomeMotive

Syed Balkhi

This space isn't large enough to list the number of companies that Syed runs. But his impact on the Internet has been felt by millions. He's brilliant and just getting started.


CEO, Crowd Favorite

Karim Marucchi

There's not an agency question that Karim can't answer. He's a wealth of insight and experience with more than twenty years leading professional service organizations.


Partner Manager, Liquid Web

Lindsey Miller

Lyndsey spent years in politics, helping raise funds. The networking skills she developed are used daily in her role at Liquid Web, developing a partner network.