The Best Business Conference in Mexico

9/30 – 10/4, 2024

Have the Safe Conversations You’ve Wanted to Have

It’s hard to reflect when you’re in the rush of running your business. Stepping away and asking the hard questions, with people who’ve been where you are, helps you think right.

Brainstorm Ways To Grow Your Business the Right Way

You don’t have to learn from only your own mistakes. You can also learn from the mistakes (and key learnings) others have had. CaboPress gives you the opportunity to level up quickly.

Learn From & Network with the Right People

Most of the hosts at CaboPress don’t even offer a way to consult with them directly. Here you get full access to them without paying any extra and incredible lunch groups.

There’s No Reason You Have To Go It Alone

Connect With Leaders Just Like You

Hear What People Have Said

There was so much more gained than just the talks. Discussing with everyone what they do, the challenges they have had, and how they overcome them was very inspirational.

Hey Chris! Seriously, what can I say? My mind was blown over last week. As a first-time attendee, I feel very blessed that I was able to attend and get so much from it. Now I get the hype.

I think one of the major benefits of this conference, is that it forces you to step outside of the day to day and think just a bit differently about your business… with the motivation to make tangible change.

CaboPress is a Highly Curated, Invite-Only Event That Works Really Well

Anyone can apply. But only about a third of the applicants are invited. And only a small alumni are invited back so that fresh faces can join every year. It’s the curation that ensures that you’ll have a compelling conversation with every attendee. You’ll be amazed by how well your lunch group works, because nothing is left to chance.

Ready to Apply?

The application for 2023 is closed.

Still Have Questions?

This highly curated event is based on every participant being able to improve their business, while also being able to share their own insights to improve someone else’s. We all have insecurity, but if it locks you up so you’re unwilling to change, this isn’t an event for you. We all want comfort, but if the comfort is so high you don’t want to change anything, this isn’t for you.

The standard invitation is for an all-inclusive access at our five star resort, in a double occupancy unit, from Monday to Friday for $4,000. Single units and/or Spouse spots are by invitation only and have additional charges.

Yes, in most cases you’ll have a gender-matching roommate that I select. That’s because the rooms are all double occupancy (two beds). The cost of your attendance goes up if a single unit becomes available.

In some rare cases, you’ll be offered an opportunity to bring your spouse (for an extra fee). But in general, individuals are invited, not couples.

You could certainly book your own hotel room at the resort and/or a resort close by, but that won’t allow you access to the member pools where sessions are held, or the restaurants that are member-only.

Yes. Other than your airfare, you’ll not have to spend any additional money on this trip (except for maybe sunscreen). Your unit, your food, and your drinks are all covered in the price of admission to the conference.

My name is Chris Lema and I’m the founder of CaboPress. I designed the conference to ruin every other conference for you. Instead of full days with sessions, we meet for half the day. Instead of doing it in conference rooms without windows, we do our sessions in pools. And instead of people talking at you, everyone participates in conversations. I’m positive you’ll love it.