2023 CaboPress Speakers

Our Conference Hosts

Chris Lema – Founder of CaboPress

I’m the founder and creator of CaboPress. After 10 years of doing this thing, I can tell you for certain that what makes this event is the folks who come as hosts each year to share their wisdom. Some of these folks can’t be hired or don’t make themselves available to groups our size. Or they’re crazy expensive.

I’ll be leading two different sessions this year and I can’t wait.

Jennifer Bourn

Motivations AI

Chief Marketing Officer

Jen is the CMO of Motivations AI and a 9-time alumni of CaboPress.

Shawn Hesketh

Motivations AI

Vice President

After founding and running WP101, he now helps run Motivations AI.

Amy Hoy

Stacking The Bricks

Reader of Minds

For years, she’s been helping people build products that others buy.

Carey Nieuwhof



Carey is a best-selling author, podcaster. and leadership expert.

Georgiana Laudi

Forget the Funnel


Gia is the marketing and growth leader that SaaS companies come to for help.

Jorge Ahued



Jorge is not just a retail store owner, he runs the largest privately-owned cigar lounge in the world.

Claire Suellentrop

Forget the Funnel


Claire is the co-founder of Forget the Funnel (with Gia) and advocate of Customer-Led Growth.

Brennan Dunn

Slice & Dice Agency


Thrilled to have Brennan back to talk about personalization, author of This is Personal.

Joanna Wiebe



We’ve been trying to get her to join us for years – the best conversion copywriter on the planet!

Brian Casel



Formerly known for AudienceOps, ProcessKit, and Productize, he’s the founder of Clarityflow.