The 2023 CaboPress Schedule



Becoming a Leader that Others Follow

Carey Nieuwhof

Lots of people have lots of definitions of leadership. The simplest is simply this – leaders are people that others follow. So what does it look like to develop your followership? This is one of our people-oriented discussions.

Social Proof w/ Case Studies & Testimonials

Jennifer Bourn

The best way to tell your company’s story is to use your customers’s words. Jennifer is going to talk about how to get and use customer testimonials and their stories for your case studies – all to help you grow your business.


Lessons from a New Kind of Podcast

Shawn Hesketh

This is a session from the middle of the journey. What Shawn has been learning about a new dynamic podcast approach has been thrilling. He’ll share the journey and what he’s seeing.

Heading UpMarket

Chris Lema

If you’ve not done large deals, whether it’s 100k or 1MM, you might think it’s the same but bigger. It’s not. We’ll look at several different dynamics (for products and service companies) and answer questions.



Talking about Product Strategy

Amy Hoy

Everyone wants to build products (even digital agencies). So it makes sense to have a conversation with Amy about product strategy. She’ll cover her initial thoughts but I expect the Q&A will cover everything from planning to differentiation.

Repeat Business

Jennifer Bourn

Agencies that are looking for more customers may already have everything they need – their historical customers. Jennifer will talk about how to bring old customers back for repeat business.


Conversion Copywriting

Joanna Wiebe

If Joanna didn’t create the concept of conversion copywriting, it doesn’t really matter because she’s owned that corner from the get go. She’ll cover her best tips on writing copy that converts and answer all sorts of questions.

Motivating Your Team

Chris Lema

How do you keep your best staff and help them deliver incredible results? It’s all about motivation. Chris will introduce the 8 dimensions of motivation and share insights into leveraging them.



Customer Led Growth

Gia & Claire

From the experts themselves, we’ll take people on a journey on what it means to do customer research the right way. This session will introduce people to the CLG concept, and answer all their questions about how to put it into practice in their own companies.

Onboarding New Employees

Jorge Ahued

In another people-oriented session, Jorge is going to talk about how he helps onboard new employees. When your inventory contains thousands of different SKUs, how do employees come up to speed? And how do you help them get grounded in what business they’re really in?


Segmentation & Personalization

Brennan Dunn

Like Claire & Gia, Brennan is coming to CaboPress right after publishing a new book on personalization. He’ll cover some insights around segmenting customers and then using that information to shape calls-to-action and offer language via personalization.

Product Pivots

Brian Casel

Brian is going to share his process from shifting ZipMessage to ClarityFlow, and from a general product to a targeted solution for coaches. His story will shape how people think about product pivots.